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Spoon Hinges

Selling Cheap Spoon Hinges in Jakarta

 Spoon hinges are a kind of hinge that is quite easy to use for cabinets and popularly used for kitchen sets. This hinge also has several variants of different functions depending on the position of the door. One of the ease of using a spoon hinge is the position of the door against the side wall. There are 3 possibilities you can do, namely the inside door, the outer door and the door in the middle. The first two positions you can do with the butterfly hinges and piano hinges, but the third position is rather difficult. You need to add a log between the doors to allow the hinges to be applied.

Modern minimalist kitchen set can now be said all use this type of hinge. Why on say spoons because of its spoon-like shape, where the installation is relatively easy.

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