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Specification of Akrilik


Acrylic is a sheet-shaped syntesis material or sheet, has properties that are classified as solid, hard and strong with such properties are very well used for various display products, letter embossed letter, various shelves, signage, etc. PT. Manggala Indo Trading sell acrylic with advantages:


- Not easily broken
- Has a light weight and easy to cut and processed
- Can be made with various colors
- Got a flexible nature not like a stiff glass


For those of you who are in need of display products, letter embossed letters, various shelves, signage, etc. PT. Manggala Indo Trading is selling acrylic with its superior product that is able to meet the needs of the market during the current era of globalization. In addition to anti-break and weather resistant, acrylic also does not shrink or change color despite exposure to sunlight for long periods of time. this allows all acrylic products to be used both inside and outside the room.

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