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Huben Spoon Hinges HT
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Specification of Huben Spoon Hinges HT


Is the most widely used furniture hinges for various types of cabinets. The spoon hinge consists of two parts: the first part is the hinge and arm bowl, while the other part is the base plate where the first hinge is mounted. Some of the advantages possessed spoon hinges are:


- Easy and fast installation
- Very flexible in terms of easily adjustable after installation with
   using two bolts available on each hinge.


Hinges in general is a material to lift the door on the door frame and serves to lighten the swing open door closing. Hinges can also play a role in additional functions such as aesthetic aspects. This depends on the type of hinge used.


One of the ease of using a spoon hinge is the position of the door against the side wall. There are 3 possibilities you can do, namely the inside door, the outer door and the door in the middle. The first two positions you can do with the butterfly hinges and piano hinges, but the third position is rather difficult. You need to add a log between the doors to allow the hinges to be applied.

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