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Specification of MDF Boards


Material board or wood and plank composed of a combination of wood fibers and wood powder are compacted in high temperature pressure and temperature with the help of resin in the process. Generally MDF Distributors provide standard 120cmx240cm size with price variant following the thickness of MDF that is 3mm, 4mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 18mm and 20mm. MDF boards are made to cover some of the weakness of plywood that surface less smooth, easily cracked and broken on the size of the width is too small and the pieces are rough. The advantages of this product:


- The surface is smoother and more flat
- Flexible and easy to bend to be an alternative framework of furniture
- The price is cheaper than plywood
- Precise material thickness is good
- Easy to direct at the finish eg in paint


For you furniture craftsmen who are in need of MDF Board for your handicraft product, PT. Manggala Indo Trading as an MDF Distributor with its highly refined products on the surface and bonds between the materials is very strong, which is able to meet the needs of the market during the current era of globalization. One type of material that is widely used to make various kinds of furniture such as cupboards, doors, window sills, to the table.

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