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Taco HPL
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Specification of Taco HPL


Namely laminate with high pressure which is one of the finishing materials commonly used in furniture products and interior surfaces. It consists of three layers: paper overlay, pattern paper, and kraft paper impregnated with resin, then pressed with high pressure and temperature to form laminate sheets. Taco HPL is one of the laminated manufacturer where its products are available at PT. Manggala Indo Trading. Often used as finishing materials for doors, cabinets, tables, kitchen sets, wall panels, and others.


Advantages of Taco HPL as finishing interior furniture:


- Available in various shades / motifs and colors that can be selected accordingly
- The price is relatively cheaper when compared to other types of finishing.
- Has resistance to heat and scratches.
- HPL surface is resistant to water, although the back / backing is not
  resistant to water.
- Easier and faster process work, just simply use glue
  yellow and pressed so it does not require a special finishing repairman.
- Easy maintenance, does not require special tools or materials.


PT. Manggala Indo Trading has been poor across the world of furniture long enough with one of its products Taco HPL that has been tested the quality and superiority that can be revered for your industry.

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