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Melamine Key Locks
Melamine Key Locks
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Specification of Melamine Key Locks


Is part of plywood coated by dye material so it looks more elegant and beautiful look. The mixture of materials used is polyester and melamine which are then colored. Prices of melamine pellets are widely asked and marketed are white, light green, light blue, cream, pink. While other colors can be obtained by special ordering. Triplek or melamine plywood has standard thickness, that is 2mm and 3mm. Wardrobe is one of the household furniture usually made from plywood, wood or plastic. Materials that are widely used to make cabinets one of them is melamine plywood.


This plywood is produced because of the need for a very large wide board and when using ordinary wood is hard to obtain and very high risk to the effects of wood shrinkage such as curved, twisted and broken or cracked. For those of you who are building or renovating a house / building and need price information plywood, PT. Manggala Indo Trading will gladly provide complete information about the product which of course its quality has been tested.

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