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Meranti Triplek 18 M
Meranti Triplek 18 M
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Specification of Meranti Triplek 18 M


Produced from several tree species in the shorea family. The wood is like the color of mahogany. This wood is commonly known as lauan or philippine mahogany. Generally clear face with a little without knots, solid core or veneer, medium density plywood. Available with poplar core or combi core (poplar and tropical hardwood veneer). The ideal plywood for laminate, custom cabinetry, and other interior and exterior applications. This product clarity and low cost makes PT. Manggala Indo Trading as a plywood distributor that provides a popular choice for manufacturers and builders around the world.


Medium resistance to cutting tools with severe blunting effects. Pre drilling is needed to nail. Good adhesion on newly planned or sanded surfaces. Stain well and produce a satisfactory finish, especially oil finish. Very durable, vulnerable to insect-attack. Highly resistant to preservative treatments. Standing trees were girdled and allowed to dry for three years before being felled. Small movement. Usage: undercoat, cabinets, panels, furniture fittings, and common plywood. PT. Manggala Indo Trading as a plywood distributor that has been poor across the world of furniture long enough with its products that have been tested the quality and superiority that can be revered for your industry.

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